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Paid Clowns as Government Propaganda in Venezuela

Send in the clowns, please. As Latin American and Caribbean leaders descend on Caracas for the CELAC summit, the VenezuelaN government is making efforts to shape visitors’ perceptions of his struggling hybrid regime. One of the efforts poignantly pointed out … Continue reading

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Obama Requests Funding For Venezuelan Opposition in 2012 Budget: A Response

How is it legitimate for Chavez and his lame duck, rubber stamp National Assembly to prohibit civil society from working on the protection of political rights? Banning foreign funding essentially does so as domestic funding has already been intimidated and … Continue reading

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VENEZUELA NOW News Report #2: “Chávez Fortuna” – Venezuela censors soap opera

This second edition (January 27, 2011) features and expose on the banning of Colombian soap opera “Chepe Fortuna” on Venezuelan airwaves. The Venezuelan characterized the show as “disrespectful of Venezuelan pride.” The soap opera depicts Venezuela as a “rude, arrogant, … Continue reading

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“Hugo Chavez cracks down on dissent” Taiwanese animated news #video exposes Venezuelan president

While preparing the next episode of the Venezuela Now News Report, I came across this fantastic animation from Taiwan-New York-based animated news network NMA.tv (Next Media Animation TV). The news report gives a good update on the current state of … Continue reading

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Democracy News from Venezuela Video Feed (Updated Regularly)

This YouTube playlist contains English language videos on politics and democracy in Venezuela, updated on an ongoing and regular basis. You can view the playlist directly in YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=D890F083083B5215

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Law approved blocking international funding of NGOs in Venezuela (El Universal)

The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) abstained from voting on the grounds that the law goes against a principle of international support in which the party has always believed. The Fatherland for All (Patria Para Todos, PPT) also abstained. Caracas … Continue reading

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Links to news articles on recent Chávez power grab

Responding to a comment on a post on the “rule by decree enabling act” on the Caracas Gringo’s blog, I compiled a list of links to English language news articles on the subject from the past few days. There has … Continue reading

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US State Dept. “Venezuelan Declassification Collection”

A few weeks ago, during the first wave of the Wikileaks scandal, the US State Department released its own set of declassified documents on US diplomacy and relations with Venezuela. While I initially feared that these documents would be rather … Continue reading

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