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VENEZUELA NOW News Report #1 w/ Roberto Silvers

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Links to news articles on recent Chávez power grab

Responding to a comment on a post on the “rule by decree enabling act” on the Caracas Gringo’s blog, I compiled a list of links to English language news articles on the subject from the past few days. There has … Continue reading

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Chavez’ Enabling Bill beyond Jan. 5th. is a Constitutional Coup (via The Devil’s Excrement)

Excellent blog on the recent “rule by decree enabling law.” Make certain to visit the original post at The Devil’s Excrement in order to read the interesting comments discussion and add your two cents. To all those that always say … Continue reading

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Chávez “rule by decree” powers to deny the will of the Venezuelan people

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is stepping over a very clear threshold should “rule by decree” powers be approved and implemented beyond the installation of the new National Assembly on January 5, 2011. Although the Constitution does not specify time limits … Continue reading

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