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Obama Requests Funding For Venezuelan Opposition in 2012 Budget: A Response

How is it legitimate for Chavez and his lame duck, rubber stamp National Assembly to prohibit civil society from working on the protection of political rights? Banning foreign funding essentially does so as domestic funding has already been intimidated and … Continue reading

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Law approved blocking international funding of NGOs in Venezuela (El Universal)

The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) abstained from voting on the grounds that the law goes against a principle of international support in which the party has always believed. The Fatherland for All (Patria Para Todos, PPT) also abstained. Caracas … Continue reading

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Chávez “rule by decree” powers to deny the will of the Venezuelan people

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is stepping over a very clear threshold should “rule by decree” powers be approved and implemented beyond the installation of the new National Assembly on January 5, 2011. Although the Constitution does not specify time limits … Continue reading

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