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Chávez call for dialogue as international public relations strategy

CARACAS — Why is Chávez calling for debate now? After years of confrontation and polarization, what explains the shift? Every day, since Saturday, January 15, a multitude of editorials, opinion columns and blog posts are published, attempting to get to … Continue reading

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New Venezuela comedy news show now online

The VENEZUELA NOW News Report with Roberto Silvers is now LIVE on YouTube! THE DAILY SHOW of Venezuela, the VENEZUELA NOW News Report is a new comedy news show on politics and democracy in Venezuela. In the show, Roberto Silvers … Continue reading

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Chávez “rule by decree” powers to deny the will of the Venezuelan people

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is stepping over a very clear threshold should “rule by decree” powers be approved and implemented beyond the installation of the new National Assembly on January 5, 2011. Although the Constitution does not specify time limits … Continue reading

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