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Instant runoff, approval voting, and the status quo (Caracas Chronicles)

If you haven’t already, please check out my latest post on instant runoff and approval voting in the opposition presidential primary over at Caracas Chronicles.

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STOP SHOUTING! Free Political Advice for Venezuela’s Parliamentary Opposition (Caracas Chronicles)

Right Honorable Opposition Deputies of the National Assembly of Venezuela – It is time for a strategy change. I have watched you closely for three months, and last night’s display of ineffective reciprocal rudeness was the last straw. Therefore, to … Continue reading

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Venezuela politics and democracy news on Twitter

In addition to my own personal Twitter channel, I have recently implemented two new Twitter channels for those interested in following politics and democracy news in English on Twitter. 1) @VenezuelaBlogs — A collection of the best English language blogs … Continue reading

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Caracas Chronicles forgery or honor?

As you may notice, I have unintentionally (subliminally?) replicated the banner and blog theme (layout) of Caracas Chronicles. I promise that I did not do it intentionally, but if I offend, please let me know.

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