Democracy News from Venezuela focuses on news and analysis of democracy, human rights and good governance in Venezuela. Written with an international audience in mind, the blog aims to present the sometimes untold–and often misread–story of Venezuela’s developing democratic challenges.

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From the perspective of an activist and social democrat, the willingness of leftists around the world to accept the rhetoric of President Hugo Chávez at face value is shocking. The truth requires more in-depth questioning and investigation. The political conflict in Venezuela is regularly presented as an ideological one, between forces of the left and right. The reality, however, is that ideological debate is not a luxury that Venezuelans have been permitted to enjoy over the past 7 to 12 years. Rather, polarization and division rule the day, whereby citizens are forced to choose which banner to fly–if any at all–with no opportunity to discuss or debate the issues at hand or what policy choices might be best for their country.

The real debate going on in Venezuela is not between socialists and capitalists, as Chávez would have us believe. The real decision facing Venezuelans–and the watching world–is between 1) a plural democracy wherein ideas matter, and 2) a monolithic autocracy wherein allegiance (or not) to one man is the only available credential.

Roberto Silvers is a US American living and working in Caracas, Venezuela. He reports on politics and democracy for Democracy News from Venezuela as well as the Venezuela Now News Report (an online video news program).

Blog Design and Predecessors
As you may notice, I have unintentionally replicated the banner and blog theme (layout) of Caracas Chronicles. I promise that this was not intentional. It’s just that the Twenty Ten theme is the cleanest and most legible wordpress.com theme, and a panoramic view of Caracas seems the most appropriate introductory image to a blog about Venezuela. If I offend, please let me know.

Perhaps it is also a reflection of the simple fact that Caracas Chronicles is one of the best English-language blogs on Venezuelan politics and democracy. Also deserving significant praise for their consistent and intelligent blogging on Venezuela are The Devil’s Excrement and Daniel’s Venezuela News and Views. Content from their blogs–as well as a few others–can always be found here in the Other Venezuela Blogs section in the right-hand column as well as in the @VenezuelaBlogs Twitter feed found on the bottom of each page.

I do not wish to replicate the good work that other Venezuelan bloggers are doing, I merely hope that this Democracy News from Venezuela blog will also be of some value to those seeking information and analysis on the current and evolving situation in Venezuela.

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2 Responses to About

  1. Carlos Aguilera says:

    Devil’s Excrement is the best Venezuelan English-language blog, with the additional advantage that its author lives in Venezuela. If you’re planning to “cite Caracas Chronicles often” why not just offer your material to Quico?

  2. Alek Boyd says:

    Roberto, it’s your blog and all that, but the sentence should really be, “in my opinion, Caracas Chronicles is the best Venezuelan English-language blog… and I shall be citing from it often…”

    I’d go with Carlos opinion above, and will add Daniel’s blog, as the second best. Neither FT, nor Juan Nagel live in Venezuela. Only for that, their blog can’t be considered as the best, in my opinion.

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