Venezuela Now #2 comedy news report on the way; writers and designers wanted #VzNow

The idea behind the show is to present pressing issues in Venezuela’s democracy in a new light–in English–and to reach an international audience. The stories presented in the program are well known here in Venezuela, while hardly understood across borders and overseas. Spanish subtitles are added to reach the remainder of Latin America and Spain in addition to the Venezuelan audience.

After an 11min premiere edition, those subsequent will be much shorter, in the 3 to 4min range. Each edition will address headlines briefly and one or two additional segments. Having assembled a small team of writers and idea creators, we hope to also improve the content significantly in terms of jokes, guests, and more. Regardless, a show like this needs as many people sharing ideas and materials as possible.

Those interested are invited to become members of the digital writing team. The work of the team is to share images, illustrations, graphic design, audio and video clips, story ideas, jokes and creativity in order to better develop content for each edition (or episode).

The sharing will take place on Facebook and Twitter:

Search for “Venezuela Now” + LIKE the show page + Post ideas on the Wall.

Tweet using the hashtag #VzNow

Potential new team members are also welcome to email us at:
RobertoSilvers at

We hope to have Venezuela Now #2 ready in the next 5 days. All ideas presented will be considered for #2 and all future editions.

If you haven’t watched #1 yet, please visit

On January 11, we uploaded the full 11min version (with Spanish subtitles) as well as a 2min promo/spot version. As of this posting, the full Venezulea Now #1 edition had been viewed 606 times (January 15, 2011).


About Roberto Silvers

Roberto Silvers is a US American living, working and writing about politics, democracy and culture in Caracas, Venezuela. He has a blog and a comedy news show. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
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