Chavez: Our Coup Just a Prelude to Their Coup

President Hugo Chávez writes a sometimes weekly column to the nation, entitled “The Chávez Lines.” Much like the Weekly Address by the US President, but written.

This week’s text is particularly telling of how he views his political opponents, and of how he represents himself before his people.

The closing portion of the text is quoted below.

Thank you for the translation:


This week, when we had barely drawn up how we were going to face this crisis, “the dogs started to bark.”[2] Barking, they do not recognize our Constitution and they act against its spirit, saying that we are executing a coup d’état against it. This is an excuse and a prelude of the coup d’état that they are really planning.

It is my duty as Head of State to flatly repudiate this call for the violation of the Constitution and the laws of the Republic coming from that rotten organization linked to the worst pastime, Fedecamaras [3], through the words of its president, disrespecting our Bolivarian Armed Forces once again. Such a call against the Republic cannot go unpunished. Once again, I call on the Public Ministry to act according to the dispositions contemplated and provided for in our laws for such cases.

As they did in 2002, the unpatriotic opposition has wanted to tarnish our Christmas by attacking the spirit that impregnates it, the spirit of peace and fraternal coexistence and solidarity. They have not beaten us yet and they never will! And as we did back then, we will not let go of the spirit of good fortune that inspires those who follow Christ the Redeemer. We are sure that we shall overcome because we are overcoming. Together with the people, we will exorcise all the devils on our path. They will crash and keep crashing over and over, as it happened this week when they tried again to destabilize the country.

We are assuming the Gospel of love and justice to the end, with all its consequences. And we look for and find Jesus everyday in all the excluded people of Venezuela.

It is certain that in this hard and difficult time for the homeland, Christ raises his voice again and we together with Him, in a renewed “Sermon on the Cerro,” these are the good tidings of redemption and liberation that are incarnated today in word and deed by the people of Simón Bolívar.

Blessed are those who populate the Cerro!

Blessed are all the refugees!

Blessed are the soldiers of the People!

Blessed are all the People!

Because the Kingdom of Social Justice, Supreme Love and Eternal Peace shall be for them…

That Kingdom ‒ man, woman, or child ‒ is the authentic Christianity…

It is the socialism!

It is living life in all its fullness!

It is joyful living!

Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías / Sunday, December 26, 2010

About Roberto Silvers

Roberto Silvers is a US American living, working and writing about politics, democracy and culture in Caracas, Venezuela. He has a blog and a comedy news show. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
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