Links to news articles on recent Chávez power grab

Responding to a comment on a post on the “rule by decree enabling act” on the Caracas Gringo’s blog, I compiled a list of links to English language news articles on the subject from the past few days. There has been a fairly constant trickle of English language news on this very troubling issue (including from US news outlets). I have included links below. 

However, what I believe is missing is the outspoken condemnation of moderate governments. Until not staying on the fence are Spain and Brazil. They can no longer afford to do so. Venezuelan democracy is facing its death knell and without any semblance of independent justice in Venezuela, the Venezuelan people are depending on outside pressure. Hopefully, their ambassadors are already on the job. But, given the severity of the situation, that will not be enough. As expected, the US has led the way with its declaration. Other nations must follow. And fast.

Please help spread the word by posting links to these articles on your Facebook and Twitter pages, in emails to family and friends and asking your local paper to reprint the AP or other stories they have access to. Venezuelan democracy depends on it.

And there are many more articles coming out each hour. You can find them easily by following @DemNewsVen on Twitter:

About Roberto Silvers

Roberto Silvers is a US American living, working and writing about politics, democracy and culture in Caracas, Venezuela. He has a blog and a comedy news show. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
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