Caracas Chronicles forgery or honor?

As you may notice, I have unintentionally (subliminally?) replicated the banner and blog theme (layout) of Caracas Chronicles. I promise that I did not do it intentionally, but if I offend, please let me know.

Perhaps it is a reflection of the simple fact that Caracas Chronicles is the best English-language blog on Venezuelan politics and democracy, and my subliminal mind caused the replication in hopes that this blog will also be of some value to those seeking information and analysis on the current and evolving situation in Venezuela.

Democracy News from Venezuela will focus on democracy, human rights and good governance issues and be written with an international audience in mind.  The blog is written by me, Roberto Silvers, a US American living and working in Venezuela (Guarenas and Caracas, to be specific). It will undoubtedly cite Caracas Chronicles often.

For additional information an links, follow me on Twitter and friend me on Facebook.

About Roberto Silvers

Roberto Silvers is a US American living, working and writing about politics, democracy and culture in Caracas, Venezuela. He has a blog and a comedy news show. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
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